MICMT Trainings

The Michigan Institute of Care Management and Transformation (MICMT) is the coordinating center for the BCBSM Provider Delivered Care Management (PDCM) program. Please see the event calendar on their website for upcoming trainings. https://micmt-cares.org/training

Practice Transformation Institute is a MICMT approved statewide trainer for the following courses: Find Upcoming Trainings  


Certificates Offered: Certificate of Completion, Nursing CE, Social Work CE, Pharmacy CE (if applicable).

To obtain CE information, learners must create an account on MICMT registration web page(s): https://micmt-cares.org/user/login. The MICMT registration web page has this information: “Certificates Offered: Certificate of Completion, Nursing CE, Social Work CE”. If learners have specific questions about CEs, please submit via the MICMT team mailbox: https://micmt-cares.org/contact

Introduction to
Team-Based Care

The Introduction to Team-Based Care course helps the learner better understand how to work in a multidisciplinary care team and in collaboration with the patient. Open to all members of the practice to gain foundation knowledge in Team-Based Care.

Introduction to Team-Based Care will include:

  • Why, What, Who and How: Team-Based Care
  • Care Management Process
  • Outcomes and Quadruple AIM
  • Billing Applications

Prework and Learner Materials: https://micmt-cares.org/training/introduction-team

Introduction to
Palliative Care

This learning will provide care team members with a foundation by which to begin introducing Palliative Care into the primary care practice.

The practice will focus on these key areas:

  • An introduction to Palliative Care
  • An overview of the Eight Domains of Palliative Care
  • The Multidisciplinary team
  • Communicating Palliative Care concepts to patients, families and caregivers

Prework and Learner Materials: https://micmt-cares.org/training/introduction

Patient Engagement

The goal of this course is for all Care Team Members to learn engagement tools/skills in order to have productive conversations with patients about their health including basic motivational interviewing skills. The Care Team Member will build upon this foundation in order to apply their skills in different situations, such as Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and Palliative Care.

The objectives of this course include:

  • Describe the patient-centered approach of MI
  • Explain the conversation style that is the Spirit of MI
  • Demonstrate basic MI skills
  • Discuss how to use patient language cues (change talk and resistance) in the application of MI skills
  • Explain how to engage the patient in the four processes in MI necessary for health behavior change
  • Identify barriers to patient engagement and behavior change
  • Identify how to make cultural adaptations to MI

It is strongly recommended to take Introduction to Team-Based Care before taking this course.

Prework and Learner Materials: https://micmt-cares.org/training/patient-engagement

Foundational Care Management Codes and Billing Opportunities

The Foundational Care Management Codes and Billing Opportunities course builds upon team-based care focusing on the importance of selecting the appropriate ICD-10 and CPT codes that impact reimbursement for care team services. This course was designed to support and educate physician organizations and practice staff on care team billing. This course is available to PO coders/billers, care team staff and practice administrators.

Topics will include:

  • Care Team Coding and Billing is a Team Sport
  • Billing Optimization (Overview of ICD-10 and CPT codes)
  • Billing Applications
  • Billing Resources

Prework and Learner Materials: https://micmt-cares.org/training/foundational-care