Learning Approach

Practice Transformation Institute (PTI) is passionately committed to providing experiential learning for all levels of an organization.  Our goal is for an organization to realize meaningful, sustainable change and positive measurable movement towards established goals and objectives in a health care setting.

At the practice level, PTI engages the physician and practice team in ongoing education for individual and collective growth. Practice operations and coordination of care classes are offered because they are critically important, yet typically missing, from a physician’s continuing education.

PTI’s curriculum covers a wide variety of practice operations, team building and leadership topics such as:

  • Population-based medicine
  • Quality improvement and using data to drive decisions
  • Medical practice coaching
  • Foundation workshops for transforming a primary care practice into a patient centered medical home and beyond

PTI believes that transformation can only be accomplished when participants are actively engaged in the learning process, testing the tools and techniques, and not merely trained to follow the leader.

PTI follows the established adult learning theory by Malcolm Knowles and incorporates the following concepts into its learning approach for adults who:

  • Have the need to know why they are learning something
  • Learn through doing
  • Are problem-solvers
  • Learn best when the subject is of immediate use
  • Are motivated to learn through internal factors
Non-discrimination Policy: Individuals involved in developing, administering and delivering learning events must demonstrate high standards of professional conduct. They will not discriminate against learners on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, socioeconomic or ethnic background or any other characteristic protected by law.